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Bible Alive

Bible Alive is a biblical study class that allows the word of God to jump off the pages into our hearts! We will be going back to our physical bible studies, however in this season we will do live videos to demonstrate, illustrate and perpetuate the true word of God. Stay tuned for much more to come !

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Singular (Book)

The Book, "Singular...Pressures, Prayers & Principles for singles Every Day," is a powerful tool to guide singles through a Godly lifestyle having fun and preparing for the next chapter in life.

This book is sure to help show you powerful ways to dismiss the plural and embrace the singular. More details coming... look inside!

street ministry

Street Ministry is essential to building the Kingdom of God. There is a difference between Discipleship & Evangelism.

Discipleship is the encouragement of the believer. 

Evangelism is encouragement for the non-believer

It is our responsibility to share the Good news with Everyone. Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose again with all power! We have that power! Use it! It's helpful to life!

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